Meet the Britannia Karate Team

Caura Wood, 5th Dan

Master Wood (PhD, abd) is an avid practitioner of Tang Soo Do karate.  She has a passion for female empowerment, self defense, and cultivating good citizenship through martial arts.  Master Wood is the Canadian Director of the Traditional Tang Soo Do Federation and is active in the local and global Tang Soo Do community. She has operated Britannia Karate (formerly Parkhill Tang Soo Do), since 2005.

Steven Douglas, 4th Dan

Master Douglas has studied Tang Soo Do for over 20 years in addition to earning high ranks in other martial arts.  While Master Douglas recently retired from the training floor he remains an Advisor to our programs and heads our new virtual coaching program.

Eli Wood, 4th Dan

Master Wood (BFA), is a multi-time grandchampion in both weapons and hyung, competing internationally in the USA and UK. Master Wood resides in Toronto and now spearheads our bo-staff curriculum.

Joan Douglas, 3rd Dan

Ms. Douglas is the head of Testing, Promotions and Exams for Britannia Karate.  She ensures both competency and eligibility as well as playing key roles on the training floor.

Jevel Esguerra, 3rd Dan

Mr. Esguerra is the newest member of our teaching team.  He is an excellent practitioner and international competitor in Tang Soo Do. He comes to us from our partner school, Experience Martial Arts.  We look forward to the energy and skill he will bring to the floor this fall!

Elisabeth Timm, 2nd Dan

Ms. Timm is a dedicated practitioner of Tang Soo Do.  She also manages our Certifications with the Traditional Tang Soo Do Federation, while making time to assist in The Tigers and Dragons programs.